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When you schedule your first appointment with The Royale Touch , our Therapist will arrive  15 minutes early to complete a health history questionnaire. Your therapist will spend a few minutes talking with you before your session begins.
Respect for your privacy and comfort will be maintained, and you may undress to your level of comfort; often people choose to leave their undergarments on. You will be covered at all times with a sheet and light blanket, except for the part of the body receiving treatment. Massage can be considered a measure of health care and maintenance, similar to other forms of health care.
Your massage will be done on a specifically designed table. An unscented oil or cream is used to enhance the strokes, which glide over the skin. Be sure to inform the therapist of any skin sensitivities or allergies you may have.
One goal of massage is to lengthen and loosen muscles and improve circulation to muscles and joints. Gentle stretches are often incorporated into a massage session. Massage can be just plain relaxing which has a very popular effect on your nervous system. We all carry tension in our bodies from everyday stress, including emotional stress. A relaxed body can result in clearer thinking and improved functioning of all body organs.
You do not have to do anything during your massage. Allow your body tension to melt away, your thoughts to slow down, and your breathing to relax. Do not feel the need to talk during your treatment, this is your time to relax and let go. However, your therapist may check in with you about the degree of pressure and if there is any discomfort. Always let your therapist know if you would like more or less pressure. Each massage therapist has his or her own style. If you would like to request a certain massage therapist, please do so when scheduling your appointment. We hope you enjoy your time with The Royale Touch.

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